Restarting again….. and again….. and again :)

If you’ve ever owned your own business, been involved in direct sales or network marketing, or really anything that involves other people & an evolving environment, chances are you have had to restart your team or reestablish your brand at least once in your career.  

Let me tell you – everyone has!  

Everyone who is successful in this business has had to restart or change the way they do business at some point in their career.  Amy and I do it ever 2-3 years when we are moving to a new state or country but even if you are more stationary, you will have team members who decide it’s no longer a good fit for them or changes in the demographic of people you are marketing towards so that you need to adjust the way you share what you are passionate about and that’s okay!  

We recently talked about complacent vs. growth and that’s exactly what must happen if you want to continue to create amazing momentum.  Just as the VHS no longer is the entertainment method of choice for Americans, the business model you learned on as you first started out in your field might not be the one that appeals to your audience anymore.

The bad news?  Change is hard and scary and sometimes exhausting! Change means unlearning some bad habits and replacing them with good ones.  It means letting go of things and people that aren’t working out with your vision for your life and it means allowing yourself to become a student of the trade again.

The good news?  With every re-invention, re-branding, re-start of your business and your team you get another chance to “do it right” and that can be really exciting.  You have the opportunity to be the leader you want to be and to cultivate a culture within your team of love and trust.  You have the blessing of being the person you wanted to be last time and felt like you couldn’t be.  

Change will happen in your business; either self-induced or from the world around you.  So you have to decide what you will do with those changes.  Will you go with the flow and learn, grow, improve?  Will you try to steam upstream and stay stuck because “that’s how we’ve always done it”?  WIll you open your mind and your heart to ideas and people that you haven’t previously been engaged with?  The choice is yours, but I promise – the more you accept and welcome change, the more fun you will have when you own your adventure! 


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