Healthy Living, most of the time

Amy and I have always loved living a healthy lifestyle and trying a variety of methods to increase our athletic performance and general well-being. But this is one product that will ALWAYS been in our toolbox!

I don’t think we have to tell you to eat your veggies, right? We’ve been told since we were children that green veggies are important to healthy bodies. But be honest with us for a minute, do you eat them? Everyday? How many? Did you know we should be eating between 7 – 13 veggies and fruits EVERY SINGLE DAY!?!

Most people don’t even get close…

And the sad reality is most KIDS also don’t get close.

But whole food, real food, is the single most important health change you can make! If you change nothing else this week, we want to encourage you to eat at least ONE more serving of veggies and fruits every day. Add berries to your breakfast, or carrots to your lunch, or have some ants on a log for a snack! If you want tons of easy, yummy, veggie snack ideas, click here (insert opt in and email the HLR cookbook) and we’ll send them your way!

Amy and I knew that we weren’t getting enough veggies & fruits into our family every day so when we were introduced to a product that could help create a buffer around what we were missing AND was giving it away to our children for free, we knew right away this was something we had to share with the world! Check out this video to see just how these plant concentrate can “bridge the gap” between what we eat every day and what we might be missing out on.

If you are already eating a huge variety of fresh produce every single day, that’s amazing! We would LOVE to hear more about how you go about it! If you feel like you might be falling short and want to learn more about how we put 30+ veggies/fruits into our families every single day, drop us a comment or shoot over an email for more information. We’d love to send you the details!

We love to say “one simple change” at a time is the way to see major changes in your families health journey. Of course veggies is the one we’re focusing on today, but what about some others?

  • Drinking half your body weight (in ounces) in water everyday
  • Going to sleep on time every night with a relaxing bedtime routine
  • Moving your body for at least 60 minutes everyday

What will your ONE SIMPLE CHANGE be this week? Tell us over on our FB page so we can cheer you on and help keep you accountable!

Your partners in this adventure called life,

Amy & Heather


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