Allow ourselves to introduce…ourselves

Our Story: 

Have you ever had that friend that says, “wouldn’t it be awesome/hilarious/epic if we did…..?” Yup that’s me.  Oh and that’s Amy too.  I think you’re supposed to have one logical friend in that scenario, but that’s beside the point.  We are a team of “yes let’s sign up for that! and then figure it out later” kind of friends.  We’ve co-parented our 5 (or is it 6?) kids while our husbands were off defending our country.  We’ve run races from one coast to the other and raised countless funds for charities we love while doing it.  We’ve linked arms with some of the brightest, strongest, most passionate people in our industry.  And we’re embarking on our next adventure together to grow our network even faster!  

We’ve lived in the same city and we’ve lived thousands of miles apart, but we always come together with a like-minded goal of making an impact on our communities while having a lot of fun!   

Amy’s story:

Heather’s story:  

Although we have a similar background story, I definitely needed a push from Amy to get out of my comfort zone and create a business I am proud of.  I have my bachelors and Masters degrees in kinesiology and exercise science and decided pretty early on any “regular” job was going to be boring and I’d rather be hand-on in the health and fitness field.  I spent 6 years serving our country in the Air Force and loved my time there, but then I got to take the opportunity to move from that role to a stay-at-home mom role and spend my days with the most adorable squishy baby.  Fast forward a few years and I’ve got two babies at home and I’m teaching some group fitness classes, but it’s more of a hobby than any type of actual income.  It kept me in the gym and I loved teaching, but it wasn’t going to be a full-time career anytime soon!  Plus I was lugging the kids into the gym daycare everyday I was teaching and I wasn’t getting paid when I wasn’t teaching (obviously, right?!)  When I heard about this opportunity from Amy to create real, residual income from anywhere, I loved the idea!  It took a while for me to come around to seeing the big picture (more on that later) but once I did I wanted to share it with the world!  The trick was learning how/when/why to share without verbally barfing on everyone I met 🙂 So that’s where we are now – becoming more professional every single day, sharing our journey and our adventures, and {hopefully} sharing some valuable tricks and tools with you to support your journey as well!  

Stay tuned for more shenanigans!


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